Settlement agreements for employers

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If you are experiencing difficulties with an employee, you should take early legal advice on your options. Employment law is a tricky area and it is fairly easy for employers to inadvertently make things worse.

A settlement agreement is a useful way to end an employment relationship with certainty that there will not be any claims when an employee leaves.

We prepare settlement agreements for employees at all levels, from junior employees to managing senior executive exits. We will:

Talk to you about the issues with your employee
Ensure the settlement agreement is finalised promptly.
Support and advise you throughout the process
Consider any potential claims that may arise and advise on the appropriate level of compensation
Advise you on the appropriate way to conduct negotiations with your employee
Quickly prepare a settlement agreement and offer letter for you to give your employee
Deal with requests for amendments by your employee’s legal advisor and any negotiations on the compensation

We will manage this process for you, minimising disruption to you and your business, and deal sensitively with your employee to minimise any stress and upset.

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Bulk Settlement Agreements

We are experienced in advising employees on settlement agreements in bulk, such as in a large-scale redundancy process. We will work with the employer to agree on standard settlement agreement terms, make arrangements to meet with the employees collectively and individually, and provide the required stator advice on an independent basis. Contact Kim Cross at if this is something we can help with.

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Our payment options

We offer various payment options to employers so that they can choose what is most suitable to them. Options include fixed fees, hourly rates, credits, retainers and insurance funding.