LPA Pricing

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We recognise that some clients are happy to draft and register their own LPAs but may want some reassurance that what they have done is correct. We therefore offer options to provide that service, as well as an option to deal with the drafting and registration if you would prefer and, finally, we have a package which includes the drafting of wills at the same time if you want to get everything done at the same time.

The table below gives information on pricing and what is included in each package.

Because we feel strongly that our clients are better protected with both Financial and Health and Welfare LPAs in place, if you ask us to draft either, we will provide the other for free.

The price in Options B and C below are therefore the price of two LPAs for one client, or four LPAs for a couple.

Option A

Check LPA form for client
Advise on any amendments
Explain process
£150 + VAT Per LPA Form
Act as Certificate Provider in addition to above
£50 + VAT Per client

Option B

Take instructions
Draft LPAs
Arrange signature
Arrange for attorneys to sign LPA
Act as Certificate Provider
Arrange registration
Store original LPA and provide copies
£500 + VAT – One LPA plus one free
£850 + VAT – LPAs for couple plus two free

Option C

LPAs and Will package
Take Instructions for wills and LPAs
Draft Wills and LPAs
Explain all aspects of both
Arrange signature of both
Arrange for attorneys to sign LPAs
Act as Certificate Provider for LPAs
Arrange registration of LPAs
Store original documents and provide copies
10% discount on the overall price of Will and LPA (see Option B for LPA prices)