Employment contracts, policies and procedures

We are fairly certain that no-one other than lawyers get excited about contracts and policies.

But while they may feel like a chore, every business should have good contracts and policies in place for their staff, as well as a staff handbook, even one that covers the basics.

blank book on bedside desk

Why? Because:

They reduce the risk of disputes with staff about the terms of their employment
They are a communication tool between you and your staff in which expectations are made clear
They help ensure compliance with employment law by setting out minimum standards and best-practice processes for management to follow
They can be used to manage staff numbers, and help create a smoother recruitment and dismissal process
They minimise risk to your business

We usually charge a fixed-fee for employment documents, and we can either provide you with a single document or a bundle of documents, depending on what you need.

If you would like us to send you a list of our Employment Document Packs and pricing, email Kim Cross at kimcross@vinelaw.co.uk and she will get one to you.

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Our payment options

We offer various payment options to employers so that they can choose what is most suitable to them. Options include fixed fees, hourly rates, credits, retainers and insurance funding.