Our business clients range from large businesses, long-established firms, SMEs and new startups.

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Whatever your size of business, there will always be areas where the law is changing and you may need ongoing advice to tweak what you already have in place or you may need an overhaul of policies and procedures if they haven’t been reviewed for years. In addition to general housekeeping, there will inevitably times when you have a particular issue or dispute arise which you need advice on.
We believe that getting to know what you and you business do is a really important part of us being able to help you. It not only helps us to deal with whatever matter you may initially come to us about, but to help us look at putting measures into place to help you avoid disputes and issues in the future.


We can have as much or as little communication with you as you want, depending on what works best for you. For example, if you want us to check in with you periodically to see what’s changed in your business and whether that requires any action from us, we are happy to do that. If you want a call from us when the law has changed and we think you might need to look at changes as a result (for example changes to contracts, employee matters or t&cs), we can do that.
Alternatively, we can just be there to deal with any issues that you may need help with from time to time. As part of that, we can also look at different ways of billing. For example, we can bill you on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis for each matter as it arises, or you can buy “credits” of time which gives you access to advice as and when you need it, and which you can top up as and when required.

We work collaboratively with other professionals you have on board, such as accountants, financial advisers, architects and surveyors, to help make your life easier and ensure that nothing is missed.

This ensures that everyone has all the information they need to assist you in whatever project you are dealing with. It also sometimes flags up issues which one or other of the professionals might not have been aware of but needs to know. Dealing more collaboratively usually saves time and money for you in the long run.

Our Expertise

We specliaise in employment law, dispute resolution, private wealth and document drafting.

Who We Are

We focus on client experience and find out what our clients want so we can tailor how we deliver our legal services to meet their needs.

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You are welcome to get in touch with any of us for a chat about how we can help you.