Employer risk management

Our focus is heavily on risk management and early resolution of disputes.

A problem solved is great; a problem avoided in the first place is even better.

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Some of the work we do in this area includes:

Areas covered include:
Advising on your legal obligations as an employer
Identifying and embedding employee-focused values into businesses
Putting in place appropriate employment contracts, policies and procedures, and monitoring them regularly as times change
Ensuring our clients know how to use their contracts and policies in a way to avoid difficulties
Training managers on common HR matters to ensure compliance is embedded into the business
Identifying problems at an early stage so that major disputes can be avoided
Providing templates, guides and tools for dealing with common HR problems as they arise
Putting in place measures to protect the business from departing or hostile employees

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Our payment options

We offer various payment options to employers so that they can choose what is most suitable to them. Options include fixed fees, hourly rates, credits, retainers and insurance funding.