We realise that for many people, preparing a Will feels morbid and they simply don’t want to have to think about it. Our aim at Vine Law is to take the fear out of the situation, make you feel at ease and ensure you have everything in place to provide for your loved ones exactly as you wish.

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Talking openly

We want to encourage people to talk openly about the subject. Burying your head is almost never the right answer! Whatever your age, a Will should just be something that you have.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and so we offer different levels of Will writing service.

For those with more straight-forward family and financial circumstances, we offer a standard option for a single will at a fixed-fee of £250 plus VAT and a fixed fee for wills for a couple at £450 plus VAT

If you have any questions about the making of Wills or you wish to have a free consultation, please contact either Cath Collins or Kieren Cross on 01945 898090 or by email cathcollins@vinelaw.co.uk or kierencross@vinelaw.co.uk

How we work

For those with more complex circumstances, we will work collaboratively with you and your other advisers if needed, such as accountants or IFAs, to ensure your estate is protected and your wishes are fulfilled. If you do not already have other professionals on board, we can refer you to one of our trusted advisors if you wish. We also offer fixed-fees for those with more complex needs but we need to speak with you first in order to give you a quote. For more on our pricing click here.

We will initially have a discussion with you to find out about you and your situation so that we know what is appropriate for you. Your lawyer can meet with you in person at our offices, your home or workplace, or they can talk to you on the phone or via video conference.

Once we have prepared your Will, we will talk you through exactly what it does. It is vital that you understand your Will before you sign it. There are no stupid questions during this process; we would rather you asked so we get it just right.

The basic points you need to think about to help us put together your Will are:

Who would you like to deal with your estate for you?
Are there any special items (i.e. jewellery, tools, cars) that you want to leave to someone special?
Do you have any particular wishes for your funeral?
If a beneficiary or executor dies before you, what do you want to happen instead?
Who will get the rest of your assets?
If you have any questions about the making of Wills or you wish to have a free consultation, please get in touch on 01945 898090 or by email hello@vinelaw.co.uk