Help raising a grievance

The first step you will usually need to take if you are having a problem at work is to raise it with your line manager or HR department. Ask for a meeting, have a chat with them about your problem, and hopefully it can be resolved quickly.

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If not, the next step is usually to look at your employer’s formal grievance procedure. If your employer doesn’t have one, take a look at the Acas Code of Conduct on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures which you can download at

This is a bench mark procedure which Employment Tribunals will generally expect to be followed by both employers and employees.

We offer a fixed-fee service for help in raising a grievance.

We will:
Speak with you about your problem
Look at any documents you have that are relevant
Give you early advice on your rights at work
Draft your grievance letter for you to submit
Support you in the background with advice on the process and your rights
Draft your grievance appeal if you need one and advise you on the appeal process

Our fixed-fee for this service is £400 plus VAT.

We would generally recommend that you take legal advice on putting together your grievance as it will be important if you go on to bring a claim. If funding is an issue for you, you could ask your union for help with this, or speak to an adviser at your local Citizens Advice. 

However, if you are confident to raise a grievance yourself but are just unsure about the format, you can download a free letter template below.

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Paying for legal services at a time when things are perhaps going wrong at work, or if you have lost your job, is often a worrying prospect for clients. We offer a range of payment options to give you as much choice as we can.